CBD and weight loss!

Posted by David Rose on

From making clean-eating plans for oneself to undergoing intermittent fasting, countless strategies have been introduced to answer an eternal question, how to lose weight? 

Cannabidiol also called as CBD, is one of the 113 chemicals called cannabinoids that are extracted from the Cannabis.  It is used in several different ways such as sprays, creams and capsules. According to medical experts, CBD is the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis, so feelings like intense ecstasy are missing from the effects. It is quite helpful in performing several functions of the body including weight management.


Metabolism plays a significant role in the gain and loss of weight in the human body. Initial researches have shown that consuming CBD corresponds in boosting the metabolism hence rapidly burning the extra calories taken by the body. Another study suggests that CBD leads to a considerable fall in the food intake in contrast to any other chemicals. 


Cannabis consists of two type of components; the psychoactive and the non-psychoactive one. THC sure is a source of an increase in the appetite but its non-psychoactive component

CBD is entirely opposite. It does not cause hunger, but it works to stop the sources of its increase. 


Another interesting fact about CBD is that it contributes to fat browning, a process that involves the conversion of white fat, the one that stores energy – bad fat – into brown-coloured fat, the one that burns calories – good fat. The brown fat stimulates thermogenesis, hence ensuring the removal of calories and breakdown of fat.


 Now how does this actually work? 

The body has an endocannabinoid system or ECS. It is a biological term used to describe the system that is made up of endocannabinoids and receptors. It consists of two cannabinoid receptors CBR1 and CBR2. According to the researchers, CBR1 relates to weight gain. The psychoactive part of Cannabis tends to trigger the CBR1, which ultimately leads to an increase in appetite and metabolic disorders, increasing weight. However, CBD works against this phenomenon. It does not directly shut off the receptors but provides measures in order to prevent them from galvanizing. Therefore, deactivating these receptors averts the gain of unnecessary calories and corresponds to weight loss. 


Even though CBD is not the best and the only solution for this problem, it sure can contribute to being an essential part of your daily life to intensify the quality of diet taken every day. It can be a healthy addition to your balanced diet along with the other necessary nutrients, approaching a perfectly healthy food habit.